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Put Yourself on the Path to Success!

Be the best you can be.

Increase your fulfillment doing what you love while increasing your profitability


Simply put - we help you balance the mess!

  • WHAT MESS? The mess of your current juggle of business, dreams, goals, and the REST of your amazing life...

    Essentially turning your mess into a message of home, determination, and pure success.

    Using the tools of 1:1 Strategy Coaching, On-Site Business Coaching, and On-Demand Webinars.

    VisionCast NOW! Is the Team YOU Need!



  • Are you overwhelmed as a Creative Entrepreneur?

  • Are you busy 'making moves' but not seeing real 'progress'?

  • Are you a seasoned Entrepreneur that has somehow stalled out?

  • Is your Creativity clogged and gasping for clarity?

  • Then VisionCast NOW! is what YOU NEED!

    It is time to work smarter not harder, to cast your vision in a new way! 

    It's time to INVEST in YOU!


    and YOU Will...

  • Increase your career fulfillment and profit

  • Successfully map your business & life goals to achieve them

  • Properly organize your business to work for you and not you for it

  • Re-Ignite your passion as the Entrepreneur you were BORN TO BE!

  • There is no cookie cutter approach to you reaching your goals. No magic wand that will help you navigate the nuances that detail your life - so VCN programs are highly customized and tailored to your unique situation (s).

  • Strategy Coach

    With more than 20+ years as industry professional, Daneena Dixon has demonstrated excellence in every aspect of the Cosmetology. From Stylist, Platform Artist, Educator, and Career Coach to Salon Owner; Daneena’s fearless approach to business innovation has come full circle with the Premiere launch of VisionCast 2018!  now known as VisionCast NOW! 

    Service Industry

    Branded as A Service Industry Strategy Coach she inspires many from her deep seeded desire to see others succeed. With laser focus she has been instrumental  in various arenas to help strategic initiatives and establishing frameworks for sustainable growth and profitability. With extreme clarity she has been used to teach work/life management with insight, sharing practical skills for success!


    VCN increases its impact in the service industry with the upcoming release of its 1st publication - Get Crowned! (Spring 2020) 

    Daneena Dixon

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  • Tel: +1 (609) 326 - 3551

    Email: [email protected]

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